Walking is to movement as kindness is to creativity

Moving through the world on our feet is an activity we call walking. But it can be understood as "controlled falling." With each step forward, gravity pulls our body towards the earth. Muscles engage to control the descent, bracing our fall with a forward vector.

Walking is an incredible accomplishment of natural design. Bicameralism—the quality of species which can stands on two legs and not four—is especially uncommon.

Supposedly, creativity is an uncommon accomplishment, too. Most people don't bill themselves as the "creative type." Adults avoid art supplies like the plague. Children grow up and become afraid to draw. But for a species as clever and ingenious as ourselves, creativity should be as common as walking. Stepping into creativity is a simple matter of knowing how to control your descent through the unfurling of ideas and the momentum of inspiration.

What is the force of creativity? It is nothing other than kindness. Like gravity pulling one body of mass towards another body of mass, kindness pulls one kind thought to the next. And the next. Creativity is a force of kindness because only through kindness can our thoughts be received, observed, and considered in spite of their apparent irregularity.

Truly creative thoughts are strange and challenging. They compel us to reconsider our beliefs, assumptions, and experiences. Like walking through an unfamiliar terrain crossed with roots, webs, and prickly sticks, moving through a new creative thought is a challenge. We trip, fall, and come out the other side a little bruised and tendered. Then we dust ourselves off and look around, only to notice how beautiful is the new landscape we've found.